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11/8/20231 min read


While writing this, you might think what one think about and how it is important to us? Like when we meet someone that we like or maybe the first time we see someone, whats our thought takes us through? what do you actually think of that person? Or maybe if you want to do something but dont want to do it alone who is the first person that comes to your mind and why? There are many thoughts which are unsaid and last for really short time, so what we need to do about that? Do we write? Do we record? But something that would keep it with you and when you go back to those thought you might realise how it's important to know why those thoughts were there at first place. For me there are 100 thoughts goes through my mind, maybe I am a overthinker or deepthinker but it is some where in between, some times those thoughts are scary which doesnt let me sleep but some are too good to sleep on that.

Well some might say meditate to control your thoughts but the truth is you are still thinking about something during that time, maybe its good, maybe something that you want to do? maybe some task just pop up in your mind and then you thought I should have done it better. Well it's diffuclt to control the thoughts runs in our mind. When you go for a run you are listenting to the music but you are still thinking of something.